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Aluminium profiles are used in virtually all industrial sectors, from underground to space satellites.

Year by year the preference for aluminium profiles in various industries is becoming more apparent. This is primarily because the metal itself has a number of advantages that make its use more reasonable from the point of view of reliability and durability compared to other materials. Moreover, unlike other metals, aluminium is notable for its lightness, therefore the creation, transportation and installation of aluminium structures require less working effort, time and costs than in dealing, for example, with steel modules.

Production technology and characteristics of alloys provide for serviceableness and durability of aluminium profiles. For example, one of the most common profile materials AD31 is an alloy based on aluminium with addition of magnesium, silicon, copper, manganese, zinc and titanium. As a result, the profiles made of this material are of sufficient ductility, easy to handle, and can be subjected to welding. Moreover, AD31 alloy makes aluminium profiles highly resistant to corrosion and thermal conductivity, and contributes to low electrical resistivity. Such profiles can withstand temperatures up to 200 °C, and their service life can reach up to 70 years.


1.  Primarily aluminium profiles are used in construction:

- windows, doors, facades, balcony structures, entrance lobbies;
- gates;
- air ventilation and conditioning systems;
- office and sanitary facilities partitions;
- ladders, scaffoldings, prefabricated quickly erectable structures;
- aluminium formwork;
- louvre shutters and roller blinds;
- heating radiators;
- mosquito nets.


2. The second largest use of aluminium profiles is associated with transport machine-building:

- railway cars, metro coaches;
- motor vehicles, primarily trucks and buses;
- sea crafts and river vessels.


3. Profiles for electrical engineering and electronics:

- electrical buses;
- heating radiators for semiconductor devices;
- lighting fixture body frames.


4. Profiles for furniture and decorative finishing of premises:

- office furniture;
- restaurant kitchen furniture;
- cabinets and lockers;
- furniture for medical institutions and laboratories;
- curtain rods;
- door sills;
- butt joints.


5. Profiles for the retail, exhibition and refrigeration equipment:

- retail counters;
- store display windows;
- exhibition stands;
- refrigerated counters and equipment.


6. Profiles for outdoor and indoor advertising:

- light boxes;
- billboards and advertising signboards.


7. Profiles for mechanical engineering and machine-building industry:

- processing lines and conveyors;
- shelving and fencing for working areas.


High-tech equipment and experience of our specialists allow us to manufacture profiles of any complexity. Profiles are produced based on the finished dies of leading manufacturers from Italy and Canada.


Dimensions of custom profiles, produced by Realit (other profile dimensions to be considered on case-by-case basis):



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