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System aluminium profiles REALIT

- RF 50 Curtain Wall System.

Classic facade series, with a wide range of applications, intended for the erection of translucent vertical and inclined cladding structures of any complexity.

- Transom-transom facade RF 50 RR.

Budget version of the classic facade series RF 50, perfect for flat vertical translucent cladding structures. This option is technologically advanced, easy to manufacture and assemble.

- Semi-structural facade RF 50 SSG.

A version of the classic facade series, suited for construction of flat vertical translucent cladding structures allowing for minimum ledge of aluminium profile on the external surface of double-glazed unit. Semi-structural window shutters opening to the outside that allow you to make opening elements identical in appearance to dumb parts is foreseen within the framework of this option.

- Unitized Curtain Wall System RF 68 EF.

Series suitable for mounting of buildings’ facades by the method of installation of prefabricated factory-made components. This series is a single option representing technical solutions for high-rise construction, and its undeniable advantage is the possibility to carry out installation works all year-round.

- Window & Door Sytem RI 50.

Series for architectural exterior and interior developments, which requires no thermal insulation: for different types of windows, doors, porches, store displays, etc.

- Window & Door system RW 64.

Designed for external glazing of the building cladding structures, which requires thermal and acoustic insulation. This option is based on combined profiles, consisting of two aluminium profiles connected by means of two thermal inserts made of glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide. Water - and air resisting properties are achieved through the use of special gaskets made of EPDM synthetic rubber.

- Window & Door System RW 71.

Option for architectural exterior developments, which imposes higher requirements for thermal and acoustic insulation.

- Window & Door System RW 71HI.

Improved RW 71 series with higher R-value.

- Sliding Door System RW 71 SL.

This option has high heat and sound insulation properties, air and water resistance and comes in attractive modern design.

- Balcony Glazing System RSL 90 L, 90 RSL, RS40.

This option is based on aluminium profiles with a width of 40 mm and 60 mm for sliding and hinged balcony structures.

- Balcony Glazing System RI 40BG

Series with the frame depth of 40 mm and allowing for installation of double fill, hinged and sliding structures.



- Partition System RP 70.

Intended for workspace management and designing of premises for different functional purposes. The system allows implementing a wide range of architectural solutions to achieve desired configuration of premises. In addition, the structural elements are designed so that they allow combining excellent capabilities of the system with other elements of the interior – ceilings, floors and partitions of any design.







- RVF 101 and RVF 201 Ventilated Facade System.

External thermal protection systems represent one of the most effective methods for improving the thermal properties of exterior walls of buildings and structures. They enable reduction of wall material costs, lighten the weight of multi-storey buildings and increase energy efficiency of external walls of buildings, as they feature effective insulation materials and technological solutions.


- Ventilation louvres RVL-40.

They are intended for ventilation purposes in non-residential premises and protection against in-leakage of any atmospheric precipitation and direct sunlight inside the building.