«Almeta» Company

Production of aluminium profiles

Telephones: +7 (499) 500-57-53, +7 (484) 399-61-91

Assembly line for thermally insulated profiles


The company also has a line manufactured by the firm OEMME S.p.A. (Italy) for assembly of profiles with thermal bridge, i.e. the manufacture of so-called “warm” aluminium profiles. “Warm” aluminium profile is a system consisting of two extruded aluminium profiles connected by inserts of glass fibre reinforced polyamide.

These inserts act as thermal bridge, thermally separating the outer part of the profile, located in the cold street environment, from inner part in a warm room. “Cold” aluminium profiles have no such inserts.

The principle of thermal separation is based on the effective interruption of the high thermal conductivity of aluminium by installing a plastic insert with a considerably lower thermal conductivity. The ratio of thermal conductivity of aluminium and polyamide is approximately 660:1


The line capacity is 2,400 tons of warm profiles per annum. The line is serviced by four operators. Any configuration of thermal bridges according to Customer's drawings is used.







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